Terms and condition

Terms and condition for Using PrizeBondEtihad.Net

This website divorced all the record when it is completed Result Update of prize bond
which is based on information about the prize bonds issued by State Bank Of Pakistan is the first seconds and complete the third prizes Update each draw is coming and guess is also posted by the visitors. We all used to notify visitors that the site are prize Bond information and posting to a posting good content for visitors.
We want to make it clear to all visitors that do not make any transactions with any members of the postings on the side we will not be responsible for any damage If a posting is not revealed to them his ID will be blocked without warning
Please do not post any members who promote illegal game or watched it and they own a part of this important process or More Website Rules and Not Cross Terms and Condition
We will not allow any such effort on the site that became part of a moral
This website is not allowed to post nude photos or immoral content on the site and no friends to view a non-legal game will be blocked without warning to post
The post will be discarded in all over the posting of Rules
Members should not mentioning money in your postingor has any transaction

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this Terms and condition you may contact us using the information below.

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